Setting up your fundraising page is a breeze!

Find a link to the Write-A-Thon homepage after reading this quick guide. 

1. When you make it to LSP's Write-A-Thon homepage, find and press this button.


2. Linking your fundraiser to Facebook when prompted to do so will boost the number of pledges you receive

3. By and by, you’ll arrive at your blank fundraiser page. It's a clean slate and you should feel free to make it your own! All of the fields that are marked with an asterisk are required before you can publish the page. 


4. Hover your cursor above these bullets to highlight fields in the page that you’ll need to fill. NOTE: only those fields followed by an asterisk are really important, but it’s your page! Do anything you like with it. 


5. Enter the amount of pledged donations you want to raise for LSP in the section marked "Goal." Participants must raise at least $100 to attend the event, but Aim Higher Than That!!! 

6. As you fill out the "Description" field, you’re welcome to use some of LSP’s mission language to describe our work, but your supporters are interested in your story. Take some time to reflect on why you’re participating in the Write-A-Thon. Are you an old friend of the Louisville Story Program aiming to support our mission? Are you a writer excited to demonstrate your commitment to the craft by dedicating a day to your work? Whatever your reasons for participating, write it out! Tell your supporters what’s important to you, what writing means to you. 



7. Please feel use the default Write-A-Thon logo, or add an image or video of your choice. 

8. If you're interested in including any LSP videos, here's a link to our YouTube Channel

9. When you have the page filled out, and you're ready to go, press the publish button at the bottom left of the screen. 


That's it! Now follow this link to the Write-A-Thon homepage, and get started! Remember to link to Facebook if you can, or just put the URL in the body of emails that you send to your family and friends. Thanks! Happy Writing!