Write-A-Thon Tip #1





Personalize your page!

One of the most important things you can do to boost your fundraising efforts is personalizing your fundraising page. That begins with deleting some of the default text we provide in the template. You’ll want your family and friends to know about the Louisville Story Program, so you can choose those portions of text we provide that you wish to use. But your supporters will also want to know why you, have decided to participate in the LSP Write-A-Thon. Are you writing a short story? A novel?  Working on some song lyrics that keep echoing in your mind? Whatever your goals are for April 20, your family and friends will want to know.

Knock on some digital doors

Asking people for support in your fundraising efforts can be a little nerve-wracking, but just think about the last time a loved one knocked on your door asking you to support their passions. You said yes because it’s gratifying to support folks in the work that they love. Let the people in your life experience that same feeling! To make it more comfortable for you to ask, each person who pledges $25 or more to your campaign will get their choice of one of LSP's first three booksOur ShawneeI Said Bang!: A History of the Dirt Bowl, or We Can Hear You Just Fine: Clarifications from the Kentucky School for the Blind. Not bad, right?

Here are a few suggestions of people you might reach out to: Family, fellow writers, book club members, friends from work and school and your place of worship. These groups might include 5-10 people each, and that’s a fantastic start! We recommend that you craft a personalized message when you make your donation requests. A short note at the top of your messages--one that is specific to each person--is more likely to elicit a positive response. If you have a very large list of people to ask, segment your letter with room to write your closest friends individually at the top, and blind-copy the body of the letter to other folks on your list. 

Don’t worry if you’ve already sent a form email or text! You can always follow up with an individualized note a few days later.

Louisville Story Program is here to make your Write-A-Thon experience as smooth as possible. You can reach us at leo@louisvillestoryprogram.org if you have any questions or need assistance in your fundraising efforts. We appreciate your support of our mission to amplify the voices and stories of those in our community whose stories are too frequently unheard.

Thank you and happy writing!