• Louisville Story Program's Second Annual Write-A-Thon!

    Once again, LSP is hosting Louisville's only pledge-driven writing marathon. Come support unheard voices and untold stories by spending a day on your writing. Learn more and sign up here..

  • Available Light: Louisville Through the Lens of Bud Dorsey

    A book honoring the legacy of Bud Dorsey, West Louisville's most iconic photographer, produced in close collaboration with him.

  • We Can Hear You Just Fine: Clarifications from the Kentucky School for the Blind

    Authors from the Kentucky School for the Blind write about the travails and triumphs of visual impairment, difficulties of being an outsider, and how they've found community and a path to independence in Louisville.

  • I Said Bang!: A History of the Dirt Bowl

    An impressionistic portrait of the Dirt Bowl and the community that nurtures and sustains it, written by dozens of people who have contributed to and been shaped by the iconic streetball tournament since 1969.

  • Our Shawnee

    Eight resilient young authors vividly describe their experiences in often-overlooked parts of Louisville. The best-selling book in Louisville in 2014!

  • Communities of Iroquois

    Nine powerful young women document a diverse range of South Louisville communities and experiences spanning six countries and ranging from motherhood to refugee resettlement to juvenile detention.