Louisville Story Program 2019 Write-A-Thon


Write all day to support unheard voices and untold stories!

Spark your own creativity and productivity, join an amazing community of writers, and support the Louisville Story Program at the same time!

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Announcing the 2019 Louisville Story Program WRITE-A-THON!

The Write-A-Thon is a pledge-driven all-day writing marathon in support of the Louisville Story Program’s community-based writing and book projects. Write-A-Thoners are encouraged to hunker down and write their tails off for as much of the day as they dare. Whether you want to work on something new or revise a work-in-progress, any kind of writing is welcome: private journaling, letters to loved ones or elected representatives, poetry or plays or fiction or nonfiction or comics or academic dissertations, writing aimed at adults or children or young adults--you name it!

Spend a Saturday writing in a beautiful Victorian mansion, with all the food and Heine Brothers coffee you need to sustain you, surrounded by lots of other good folks clacking away on their laptops, and in the process raise money to enable often-overlooked Louisvillians to write and publish books about their lives and communities via the Louisville Story Program. You’ll have the option of signing up for writing workshops offered by local literary luminaries throughout the day. Walk away with an LSP tote bag, an LSP book of your choice, a copy of the Louisville Review, and potentially some of our amazing prizes such as a free night's stay in a suite at 21C Museum Hotel.

When and where will the Write-A-Thon go down?

Date: Saturday, April 20

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (come and go at any time)

Location: The Mansion at Spalding University (851 S. 4th St.)

How does it work?

In the weeks and days before the Write-A-Thon, you just need to get at least $50 in pledged donations (dream big, though!) from friends and family to support your day of writing and ultimately to support the work of the Louisville Story Program. We help you set up an online fundraising page and share tools and tips to support your efforts. You can tell your people that anyone pledging $25 or more will get their choice of one of LSP's first three books (Our Shawnee, I Said Bang!, or We Can Hear You Just Fine)--not bad, huh?

How do I get started?

All you have to do to sign up is create a fundraising page by going here and pressing the "Join This Event" button, then follow these steps.

For two years, I've enjoyed the pleasure of supporting the Louisville Story Program by participating in the LSP Write-A-Thon. LSP does extraordinary, necessary work in Louisville, and to help them out while getting a dedicated writing day is obviously great on paper. What I didn't expect, however, was how productive I would find the public performance of private creation. I was in a bind on a book project both times I linked up with the Write-A-Thon. Both times, being nestled in the pop-up community of the Write-A-Thon helped me turn my thinking in a different light, and resolve some tricky problems in my work. This labor remains critical to the book I was working on, a volume in Bloomsbury Academic's 33 1/3 music series, and which will be published in April 2019.
Michael Washburn, Director of Programs at Humanities New York
The Write-A- Thon is a great opportunity to set writing goals and enjoy a productive day surrounded by people who support the works of the community of Louisville. At the time I participated in the Write-A-Thon, I was halfway through completion of my chapter in the book No Single Sparrow Makes a Summer, and a day dedicated solely to writing purposes certainly helped me keep track of my progress.
Yennifer Coca, co-author of No Single Sparrow Makes a Summer
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Writing workshop that occurred during the 2018 Write-A-Thon (photo by Bud Dorsey)