Louisville Story Program's first annual Write-A-Thon!


Some people call Jerry Lewis on the phone. 

Others run a 5K for charity. 






Ready to start that novel?
Want to revise your poetry manuscript?
Need to finish your disertatation?

Come devote a day to your writing, and do it for a good cause at the First Annual Write-A-Thon: a pledge-driven writing marathon benefiting the Louisville Story Program

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We wanted to do something fun to celebrate Louisville’s vibrant literary community while raising awareness of LSP's work and authors. So we've taken a cue from some friends at the The NY Writers Coalition, and we’re bringing the idea of a writing marathon to Louisville for the first time ever!

Imagine coming to Spalding University on a Saturday, grabbing a cup of coffee, saying hi to a few of your peers, then sitting down in the delicately appointed parlors or comfortable classrooms in Spalding’s beautiful, Victorian-era mansion for a day dedicated to your writing.

You could pick your way through a revision for an hour or two, then write a few postcards to elected officials. Maybe you’ll spend the whole day wood-shedding on a book-length project you’ve wanted to start for years. Regardless, you’ll have time and space committed to your craft, and you’ll be helping LSP achieve our mission to amplify the voices and stories of those in our community who we just don’t hear from often enough.

Participating writers will get pledged donations from friends and family who want to support their work. Those writers who raise at least $100 (dream big, though!) will show up to Spalding University on Saturday May 20th for a day of dedicated writing, peer support, and creative comradeship. They'll sit down in one of the comfortable classrooms or delicately appointed parlors in the Victorian-era mansion for as much writing time as they care to have. Additionally, we'll provide free coffee all day, a catered lunch, several opportunities for professionally led break-out workshops and craft-talks, and a key-note reading. Writers will also receive a tote bag, an LSP book of choice, a copy of the Louisville Review, and other swag. We'll have amazing prizes for those writers who raise the most money--stay tuned to learn more about those!