Close to 400 people attended the book launch celebration for "We Can Hear You Just Fine" at the Clifton Center

We had a packed house at the Clifton Center to celebrate the incredible achievements of the authors of "We Can Hear You Just Fine" - the world's first anthology of nonfiction written by blind and visually impaired teens. 

johy.jpg#asset:317Our staff, the authors, and their families will never forget that night, which was so full of human connection and love and laughter. As each successive author read from their chapter, the depth of community increased almost palpably. We're so proud of their achievements, and we're honored to do this work in the name of greater understanding in Louisville. From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank everyone who came out to the book launch for "We Can Hear You Just Fine."15056338_1138029292947339_55070418436549